Arrange a free consultation by phone with Natalie before booking your session. Simply send her a message on 07976763210. She can book a date and time suitable for you to talk through the changes you would like to make and inform you of everything you need to know ahead of the session. You can then book in and start changing your life.


For a range of issues including (but not limited to): anxiety, phobias, stress, confidence, motivation, self-esteem, insomnia, weight control, eating disorders, pain control, smoking cessation, excessive drinking, nail biting. 

Past Life Therapy

Exploring past lives can be a deeply enriching process that can promote intense healing in this current life. Often, unbeknown to us, we might harbour phobias, relationship issues or even physical ailments due to past life trauma. When we visit a past life, we are drawn to the lifetime that can promote the most healing in our current life and previous issues can be released. We can explore our life’s purpose, soul clusters (people we choose to reincarnate with again and again) and reflect and heal. Recently I have helped clients to overcome lifelong fears, dramatically reduce chronic pain and discover their very first lifetime where they met their soulmate. 


A deeply healing therapy for the mind and body which combines hands-on Usui Reiki with hypnotherapy. Your body will be rebalanced and your mind restored. This therapy is excellent for people who need to relax and de-stress, but can also be used in combination with hypnotherapy for most issues listed above. 

If you have changes you would like to make to your life, book in with Natalie today for a free initial consultation to see how she can help you to change your life.