Body and Facial Waxing

Body and Facial Waxing
Top Quality Strip & Hard Wax (non strip)

Eyebrow shape – £8
Lip or Chin – £5
Nostrils – £8 (hard wax, painless)
Underarm – £8
Nipples – £4
Bikini Line – £15
Brazilian – (strip down middle – £20 (hard wax)
Hollywood (all off) – £25 (hard wax)
Buttocks – £10 – £15
Lower Abdomen/Lower Back – £10 – £15
Full Arms – £12 – £15
Half Arms – £8 – £10
Full Legs inc’ Toes – £19
Half Legs inc’ Toes – £12

Or any other area – just ask!

Brows and Lashes

Brow and Lash Tints

Eyebrow Tint – £7.00
Eyelash Tint –  £9.00

Cluster Lash Extensions

Temporary Individual Eyelashes provide thickness, volume and length to your natural lashes. A modern and effective alternative to those fiddly false lashes. Perfect for any occasion or for a sexy new look.

Lash Lift

£30 (including lash tint on upper lashes)

What is Lash Lifting?

Lash Lifting is a modern and more effective alternative to the old eyelash perm. Whereas perming entails bending the natural eyelashes around small rollers making the eyelashes look shorter, Lash Lifting involves stretching them upright from the base itself. Eyelash lifting smoothens, lifts and stretches the eyelashes gently making them look perceptibly longer.

A new technology involving the use of special silicon pads that rest comfortably on the eyelids makes this possible . The unique lifting gel formula enables complete stretching of the eyelashes right from the base. Two different gels are applied on the silicon pad: gel 1 is meant for the permanent lifting effect, Gel 2 makes the eyelashes fluff out to give them more body.   

Natural eyelashes look perceptibly longer and thicker after the eyelash lifting. All this without having to use false eyelashes! The lifting effect lasts for 5-8 weeks depending on the quality of the natural eyelashes . The treatment can be repeated at any time since it is very gentle and does no harm to the natural eyelashes.

Clients love this method since it hardly requires any effort and is more economical. The results are there for everyone to see within 30-45 minutes of treatment, which lasts for weeks on end. A natural option to avoid using false eyelashes but without compromising on the dramatic effect: a radiant, fresh look!

Facial Treatments

LumiSpa in-house Luxury Facial

60 – 75 minutes depending on demonstration and education of products – £60

NuSkin LumiSpa with AgeLoc

At Chakra Health & Beauty you are able purchase your very own NuSkin LumiSpa Award Winning 2020..

Continue your treatments at home …

At Chakra you will be able to not only enjoy a wonderful LumiSpa facial treatment using the #1 Cleansing Device LumiSpa but you can access the full range of premium products.

The facial performed by our therapists are aimed to demonstrate and educate you on how to use your kit in the most effective way. You will be able to purchase your very own Award Winning of 2020 LumiSpa kit at a discounted price with up to 25% off, depending on products needed.  We also offer a free on-going skin support and aftercare from our own in-house BWY therapists representatives.

Look out for our regular posts on our social media pages.

Please feel free to contact us for more details or if you are interested in purchasing any products or a kit to get you started.

Information on what to expect from your LumiSpa AgeLoc Kit.

LumiSpa Award Winning at Home Cleansing Device Kit

Introducing the ageLOC LumiSpa, a rechargeable, waterproof cleansing device that takes your face cleansing routine to the next level, helping you to experience youthful and healthier looking skin in the comfort of your own home. Our proprietary Two-Sense Motion Technology stimulates the skin, while its precise motion and frequency are optimised to work with the Activating Cleansers to leave it thoroughly cleansed, smoother and softer after just one use. When used together with the Activating Cleanser that best fits your skin, you’ll experience 7 amazing benefits that go beyond a simple cleanse to take your skincare experience to a higher level and leave you looking youthful.

You can expect:

1. Thoroughly cleansed skin.
2. Reduced appearance of pores.
3. Skin is smoother to the touch.
4. Skin will look and feel softer.
5. Improves skin’s radiance.
6. Clearer, brighter skin.
7. Visibly refreshed complexion.

Its soft, universal silicone head, powered by the LumiSpa two-sense motion technology, works together with the cleanser to wash away dirt, oil, makeup and debris, helping to defy the onset of skin ageing and impart a youthful.

Oriental 'Facelift' Massage with Mini Facial

60 minutes – £32

The Oriental ‘Facelift’ Massage is a fusion of facial massage techniques drawn from ancient Japan, Tibet, India and China and working with the three Chakras located at the crown, third eye and throat area. The neck, scalp and shoulder muscles are included in the massage to maximise the effects of relaxation, circulation and detoxification.

A wonderfully soothing and rejuvenating treatment, smoothing away fine lines and plumping tired skin. The inclusion of facial and scalp accupressure techniques induces a truly hypnotic sence of deep relaxation. A natural ‘facelift’ effect treatment with real visible results.

Including a mini/express Facial using Liz Earle products, Virgin Coconut or Vitamin E oil, with a Liz Earle Superskin luxurious facial oil.

Our best seller and gift card favourite!

Luxury Rejuvenating Collagen/Hyaluronic Acid Facial


Discover a new range of luxury sheet mask unisex facials Suitable for all skin types including oily, acne prone, our collagen and active mineral treatment utilises Charcoal, Calamine, Marine Collagen, Fruit Acids, combined with key Vitamins, Herbs and Botanicals to improve skin tone and complexion.

This wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating facial includes a double cleanse and exfoliation to prepare the skin for the collagen mask. The hands, arms, chest and neck or feet will be massaged using exotic oils . A dry massage to the scalp to release tension and special attention to the facial pressure points and sinuses. Brightening Vitamin-C Anti-aging formula that combats fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, brightens.

Rejuvenating Green Tea Extract – Powerful anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, balances, improves oily and dry conditions while reducing redness.

Nourishing with Olive Extract – Deeply hydrating, Anti-ageing, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-inflammatory, improves skin clarity, tone and elasticity.

Lifting 3D Clay with Calamine – Deep Cleanse, tightening pores, hydrates and lifts.

Black Peel Charcoal Mask – Deep pore cleanse, loosens blackheads, exfoliates dead skin, brightens Detoxifying Bubbling Mask with Activated Charcoal Deep pore and blackhead cleansing.

Hyaluronic Acid & CoQ10 – Helps to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles retaining moisture to the skin, creating a plumping effect. Well hydrated and protected skin can increase cell productivity creating smoother, plumber skin.

Our best seller and gift card favourite!

The Dermalogica Prescriptive Facial

60 minutes – £42

The moment your skin changed forever!

Dermologica products contain highly sophisticated ingredients and must be administered by a fully trained Dermologica Beauty Therapist. This skin treatment will start with a consultation using the Dermologica Face Mapping System, enabling the therapist to match the correct products to your particular skin type and condition. The face, neck and décolletage is cleansed (including pre-cleanse) and an exfoliation with steam and extraction (if required). A mask to suit your skin is then applied and during that time, you will enjoy soothing hand, arm and scalp massage. The treatment will conclude with an application of a suitable moisturiser. Free aftercare advice and a skin care plan is offered, along with an opportunity to purchase Dermologica products, of course without obligation.



Dermaplaning using Dermalogica skincare products

  • Manual deep exfoliation removing Vellus (surface) hair and dead skin cells
  • Pain free, hair does not grow back thick or dark
  • Increases absorption of products, stimulates new skin growth, creating healthier, more radiant appearance
  • Smooth peach fuzz free skin allowing flawless make up application
  • FREE brow wax, shape and tint

60 minute treatment- £50
4 treatments for the price of 3 – £150

Recommended a 4-6 week cycle for best results. FREE consultation.

Manicures and Pedicures

Standard Manicure

60 minutes – £22   With Shellac finish  – £38

This treatment starts with a refreshing hand soak and a light exfoliation. Nails are filed and shaped. Cuticles tidied & removed. Hands and lower arms are then massaged with a nourishing hand lotion,  leaving hands feeling soft, rested and deeply conditioned. Add some colour to your nails with a nail paint or simply a buff.

Luxury Manicure With Cooling Mask

75 mins – £32   With paraffin wax – £35

Our luxury manicure starts with a refreshing hand soak and light exfoliation. Nails are filed and shaped. Cuticles tidied & removed. Hands are covered and wrapped in a therapeutic cooling mask designed to ease dry, sore/itchy or inflamed skin. Alternatively, for achey/arthritic or dry hands, we recommend the paraffin wax treatment. The heat from the wax can then allow the masque to work its wonder on your hands. Sit back and add to the relaxation with a foot & lower leg massage, finishing with a nail paint of your choice or simply a buff.

(Paraffin wax is a great treatment for alleviating pain from arthritis, bad circulation and dry skin)

Standard Pedicure

60 mins – £22   With Shellac finish  – £38  

This treatment starts with a refreshing foot soak along with an exfoliation. Nails are filed and shaped. Cuticles tidied & removed. Hard skin rasping to remove dead skin. A nourishing foot lotion is applied with a soothing foot & lower leg massage, leaving feet feeling soft, rested and deeply conditioned. Add some colour to your toes with a nail paint or simply a buff.

For best results clients are asked to wear flip flops or sandals to the treatment.

Luxury Pedicure With Cooling Mask

75 mins – £32   With Paraffin wax – £35

Our luxury pedicure starts with a refreshing foot soak with an exfoliation. Nails are filed and shaped. Cuticles tidied & removed. Feet are then covered and wrapped with a therapeutic Cooling Mask designed for dry, sore, itchy/inflamed Alternatively, for achey/arthritic or dry feet, we recommend the paraffin wax treatment. The heat from the wax can then allow the masque to work its wonder on your feet. Sit back and add to the relaxation with a foot & lower leg massage, finishing with a nail paint of your choice or simply a buff.

(Paraffin wax is a great treatment for alleviating pain from arthritis, bad circulation and dry skin)

Nail Cut, File and Polish
£10 (hands or toes)
Shellac CND Application
Choose from a wide range of seasonal colours, classical shades and glitters!

Shellac application – £16
French finish – £18
Jewels/glitter art – £20
Basic removal – £5

Bronzing Applications

Bronzing Applications
Avoid the dangers of sunlight tanning by using fake tan. Here at Chakra we offer Sienna X tanning application with dry body brushing. We also stock Sienna X tanning products, including body exfoliator, radiance balm and travel size bottles.

Full Body (including face) – £25
Upper Body – £14
Lower Body – £14