Spa Treatments

The Ultimate Spa Back Therapy

60-75 minutes – £52

The ultimate treatment for tired, unhappy, aching backs. Targeted to release deep muscular tension together with improving the skin’s appearance, together with tackling problem skin (with blackhead extraction if required). Designed to help improve back posture, stress and wellbeing, whilst inducing total bliss and detoxification.

The therapy consists of dry brushing to stimulate lymphatic return and loosen dead skin cells, the application of a salt scrub to remove dead skin cells and naturally improve vascular flow to promote healing, (extraction if required). A hot stone back massage using an Ayurvedic blend of aromatherapy oils, and finally followed by a warm clay mask to draw out any remaining impurities leaving your skin refreshed, calm and revitalised. The therapy concludes with an application of a light moisturiser.

Chakra Body Smooth Spa Scrub Treatment

60 minutes – £42

Removing dry dead skin cells, leaving you smooth and radiant during any season, after or as a pre holiday preparation plan or before a tan application.

Chakra’s own signature Body Smooth Spa Scrub is 100% handmade and natural. These wonderful ingredients will have your body feeling totally smooth and glowing.

Start your treatment with relaxing onto a heated therapy couch, followed by dry body brushing to loosen dead skin cells and to promote lymphatic return. A full body exfoliation using Chakra’s own recipe nourishing oil and salt scrub to aid the removal of the dead skin cells. No need to moisturise after this treatment as your skin will completely hydrated and ready to go!

Enjoy a warm body jet shower in our private en-suite facility for total privacy. 

Choose from: 

Detox Seaweed with Lemongrass & Grapefruit essential oils

Contains organic Dead Sea Mineral Salts, Sugar, Kelp Powder, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and glycerine.. Great for combating cellulite, poor circulation and dry, dull skin. A natural treat for your skin!

Anti- Cellulite Coffee Bean with Virgin Coconut Oil & Cinnamon essential oil

Contains organic Dead Sea Mineral Salts, Sugar, Coffee Grounds, Cinnamon Powder, Cinnamon essential oil and glycerine.

‘Honey I Shrunk’ Inch Loss Body Wrap

60-75 minutes – £45

Honey I Shrunk is a new inch loss body wrap system that means you can lose anything up to a dress size in just an hour.

It works by removing fat from the layer beneath your skin, so the effects are long lasting and it’s perfect for looking your best on your big day, or to tighten up those important bits that weight loss programs can leave you with.

Honey I Shrunk is an inch loss body wrap system that works by lipolysis – a method of removing unwanted fat from the areas you want.

Beneath your skin is a layer of fat cells which are like tiny balloons, filling up with fat. Throughout your life, you always have the same number of fat cells unless you have liposuction which physically removes them.

With the Honey I Shrunk treatment, the fat cells are broken down by the special solution which penetrates the outer layers of your skin, converting the tryglycerides within the cells into fatty acids which can be drawn away by the fluids within your skin, through your lymph vessels where they can then be excreted.

So, in layman’s terms, you’ll probably need the loo after you’ve had your wrap, and you’ll need to drink plenty of water to help flush the waste products out.

Includes a choice of two therapies or 10% of a selection of beauty therapies while you are wrapped.

Detox Ocean Algae Envelopment and an Oriental Facial Massage with Mini Facial

2 Hours – £65 (FREE O.F.M)

New product alert! As if our Body Polish, Algae Envelopment & Facial could get any better, we now have the option of our Ocean Seaweed Body Wrap. Ingredients include Spirulina, a Micro-Seaweed rich in protein and Pro-Vitamin A that strengthens the skin’s suppleness and firmness.

This thick indulgent body mask draws out impurities whilst refining and smoothing the skin’s surface. Whats included? Dry body brushing to loosen dead skin cells, an invigorating Algae body scrub along with the Ocean Body Algae Clay Mask. No tight wrapping required.

Whilst wrapped you will receive a complementary Oriental Face Massage with Mini Facial (OFM) using Liz Earle products.

The Contour Inch Loss Wrap with Oriental Facial Massage with Mini Facial

2 Hours – £65 (FREE OFM)

This rich mineral body mask is activated with compression wrapping and heat, inducing effective detoxification, exfoliation and skin toning. Perfect for helping to improve the appearance of cellulite and water retention. Comprises dry body brushing prior to the application of the warmed body mask and while wrapped you will receive a complementary Oriental Face Massage with Mini Facial using Liz Earle products.