Our Reviews

Jamie Tinto Cradick

When I first came to the clinic my mind and body were in a pickle. An earlier injury of mine had been exacerbated by an acute period of stress. I was experiencing widespread pain, muscular cramps, fatigue and just general malaise.

At first I came to see Martine for one of her wonderful hot and cold stone massages just as a one off to de-stress and unwind. Since then I have been back for treatment just about every week!

Martine devised a tailor made treatment programme for me to suit the particular requirements of my body. Regular visits to her at the clinic have been an integral part of my long and at times arduous journey back to health and wholeness. The treatments themselves, executed by Martine’s skilful and intuitive touch, have worked wonders for my whole body, over time alleviating chronic muscular tension, back and shoulder pain, and fatigue. However, what has also been nourishing to me throughout this difficult time has been the full package of care and attention that all clients are given at Chakra. The clinic’s dedication to providing friendly, compassionate, holistic and rejuvenating treatment is evident from the moment you walk in the door. Given the often hurried and mechanical nature of treatment within the NHS these days, this was like a breath of fresh air and has been part of the full package offered by Chakra that has helped me regain my health and my life.

Sincerest thanks to Martine and all at Chakra, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Nina Carroll

For anyone considering a treatment with Martine, don’t hesitate a moment longer… As a person who suffers from a chronic bad back she is a god send! I attend regularly and Martine works her magic… Not only does this help medically but I also come away walking on air from such a relaxing, de-stressing massage… wonderful!

Sybille Simon

Yet again I enjoyed a great session at your establishment. So far I have tried head,neck, shoulder and facial massage and had a super facial.

I can truly say that I really enjoyed the treatments and felt soooo relaxed afterwards. Who needs a face lift when you can experience the magic hands of Martine! I felt so good and the skin has got a healthy glow afterwards.

It is really worth having a session at your place and I can honestly recommend you. You make people so welcome and I am amazed at your skills. Thank you very much and I am looking forward to seeing you for my next session.

Miss Aimee Donald

A few months ago i received sports injury to my left leg which meant i was unable to do my daily jogging routine, but with the help and support of Martine who gave me the specialist treatment using hot and cold volcanic stones, and deep rigorous massages which had a fantastic effect long term on my muscle.

I am now back on top form and able to get back to enjoy my favourite sport.

So a big thank you to Martine for her outstanding first class treatment course she really did help me through the discomfort of my leg.

D. Lane

I could hardly walk on my leg after injuring it laying decking for a customer. Martine recommended a sports massage for a muscle strain with some heat treatment and after the first session I was able to put pressure down to walk, which meant I didn’t need time off work. I went back a week later I had another session, which was the same as before and after that it had completely healed. I couldn’t believe it! Thanks very much Martine I would definitely recommend you in the future.